Region Zealand


Regionshuset Alleen 15
4180 Soro
Henrik Kaalund-Jorgensen
Phone: +45 5 787 5755


The Danish Region Zealand with the harbours of Koege, Rodby and Gedser plays a key role in the transportation of passengers and goods from Scandinavia to Central Europe. The elimination of traffic bottlenecks in Zealand has a high priority for all Scandria corridor regions.

Partners' role in the project

Region Zealand focuses on improving the transport capacities and facilities of North-South transport. Therefore it

  • performs a case study for the intermodal development of ports and freight terminals in the region Zealand (action 3.1 "Development of intermodal nodes")
  • conducts a feasibility study for a feeding railway line Gedser-Nykobing/Falster. (action 3.2 "Improvements in rail traffic")
  • will improve the safety of truck stops within a concept for optimized heavy goods vehicle traffic (action 3.3 "Optimized heavy goods vehicle traffic")
  • supports the policy dimension of Scandria within the Policy Advisory Group and the Political Corridor Conference (action 5.3 "Common Political Perspective")


The Region Zealand is leader of action 3.1: "Development of intermodal nodes".