• Scandria®-Corridor at Green Corridor Demo Day in Malmö
    2012-12-17. The Scandria®-Corridor was presented during the Green Corridor Demo Day 2012 at 12 December in Malmö.
  • Multilevel governance in the Scandria Corridor
    2012-11-29. During the next two years, the Joint Spatial Planning Department will develop instruments to actively involve stakeholders from the various policy levels and across sectors into the Scandria Corridor Development.
  • SCANDRIA and the ILOTECH project mentioned in German press
    2012-11-28. An article about innovative handling technologies to shift cargo from road to rail has been published lately in the journal "Schiffahrt und Technik".
  • New high-speed track from Berlin to Southern Germany
    2012-11-14. As preliminary building works finished at the first section of the new high-speed track Berlin-Nuremberg-Munich, travel time from Berlin to the South will be reduced significantly.
  • Presentation of innovative transhipment technologies in Wustermark
    2012-09-18. In the context of the Scandria add-on project Ilotech two innovative transhipment technologies have been presented by Rail Cargo Austria AG (RCA) to a professional audience of 80 people consisting out of stakeholders from the transport and logistics industry.
  • Impulse Venue Innovative Technologies for shifting of freight transport from Road to Rail in the SCANDRIA® - Corridor
    2012-09-24. On September 6, 2012, an Impulse Venue was held in the European House, Representation of the European Commission in Berlin. It was attended by more than 70 participants from diverse European countries and presented numerous approaches and ideas to implement more environmental friendly transport logistics concept in the European Transport corridors with specific emphasis on the Scandinavian-Adriatic corridor.
  • Berlin-Copenhagen 2012: A transboundary race by bike and ferry in the Scandria corridor
    2012-07-18. On August 18th 2012 almost 800 cyclists are taking the road to the longest one day race that ever took place in Northern Europe. At 0:01 AM sharp the contestants start pedaling from the Mercedes building at Salzufer in Berlin to get to their goal in Copenhagen in less than 24 hours.
  • Railway Company RegioInfra closes gap between Berlin and the Baltic Sea
    2012-07-10. RegioInfra purchased the railway line between Neustadt and Meyenburg(Dosse) in Northwestern Brandenburg to close the gap between Berlin and the Baltic Sea.
  • Presentation of innovative transshipment technologies in the Scandria Corridor
    2012-07-05. The Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin - Brandenburg is currently examining the regional capabilities of sustainable logistics concepts for shifting of freight transport from road to rail within SCANDRIA® - Corridor.
  • Baltic Logistics Conference 2012 Documentation
    2012-07-05.On 10 and 11th May 2012, the 4th Baltic Logistics Conference Mecklenburg-Vorpommern took place in conjunction with the 9th Baltic Transport Forum in Rostock.
  • Successful test run of new freight train in Hub 53/12°
    2012-05-08. On April 26th 2012, Regio Infra Company performed a test loading at the Temnitzpark on the reconstructed sidings of the Neuruppin-Neustadt (Dosse) and impressively demonstrated the feasibility of reviving freight trains transports in the region of Neuruppin.
  • Improving Rail Transport from Berlin to Scandinavia
    2012-02-20. Within Scandria, solutions for the revitalization of the environmentally sound railway transportation between Berlin and Oresund region and the rail-ferry connection between Berlin and the Baltic Sea were developed.
  • Berlin-Brandenburg awarded as Showcase Electromobility
    On 3rd April 2012, the German government decided to grant four German regions Baden-Württemberg, Berlin-Brandenburg, Lower Saxony and Bavaria/Saxony within the program "Schaufenster Elektromobilität".
  • HUB 53/12° launches English homepage
    2012-04-23. The HUB 53/12° - the logistics network Guestrow . Prignitz . Ruppin has launched the English version of the HUB-homepage.
  • Scandria part of Baltic Sea Region Transport Cluster
    2012-02-20. Under the lead of Skane Region, the Scandria Lead Partner Joint Spatial Planning Department Berlin-Brandenburg (GL) will participate in a Baltic Sea Region Cluster Initiative on Transport.
  • Scandria-Logistics-Homepage launched
    2012-02-07. Recently the Scandria-logistics-homepage was launched. It is intended as the future starting point of a platform for the participants in the Scandria corridor.
  • Easyway-Ticket also proves to be effective in the low-traffic season
    2012-02-07. In May 2011 the Easyway-Ticket has been introduced by the Interface project team. Therewith, a convenient and inexpensive option has been created to close the supply gap for pedestrians travelling between Rostock Central Station and Nykoeping Station.
  • With the E-car from Berlin to Scandinavia
    On January 26, several representatives from Germany, Denmark and Sweden met in Copenhagen to discuss how to establish an international infrastructure for electric mobility from Berlin to Scandinavia.
  • Establishing a European “Biogas Corridor” in heavy goods transport
    12-02-01. The Swedish Transport Administration is the leading actor promoting a “biogas transport corridor” from Scandinavia to the Adriatic.
  • Scandria at the TEN-T Days 2011 in Antwerp
    11-12-06. Scandria gained much attention itself in Antwerp during the TEN-T Days 2011, 29-30 November 2011.
  • Kick-off conference 2012: Networking potential along the SoNorA network, Rostock – Warnemünde 26 January 2012
    12-01-30. First conference of SoNorA-Network organized by the Ministry of Energy, Infrastructure and State Development Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and the Logistics Initiative Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
  • Scandria-Logistics-Homepage launched
    12-01-30. Recently the Scandria-logistics-homepage was launched.Interested parties are invited to submit material for publication.
  • Raillink Rostock - Berlin - Dresden in trans-European transport network
    11-10-19. The European Commission today presented its proposals for the future development of the trans-European transport networks.
  • Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor inspires the European Commission when aiming for a single European Transport Network
    11-12-06. Jean-Eric Paquet, Director Trans-European Transport Networks & Smart Transport in DG MOVE complimented the Scandria Corridor Initiative as an expiring example, how transnational cooperation can strengthen the European transport network.
  • Scandria Workshop in Świnoujście: Optimisation and revitalisation of “rail-sea-rail” passenger transport from Berlin to Scandinavia
    11-11-28. Due to privatisation of national railway companies, the rail-ferry service Berlin-Copenhagen was discontinued since 1996. The big ferry lines focus car users instead.Now the Senate Department for Urban Planning Berlin invited actors of railway companies, sea and harbour operators to a “round table“.
  • Terminal Wustermark with new owner
    11-10-25. The terminal for combined transport (rail- road) in the freight village Berlin West Wustermark has a new owner – the BahnLogistik Terminal Wustermark GmbH (BLTW).
  • Strategic transport projects presented their joint vision to Commissioner Johannes Hahn in Gdansk, Poland
    11-10-25. The four strategic transport projects TransBaltic, East-West Transport Corridor II (EWTC II), Rail Baltica Growth Corridor (RBGC) and Scandria were given the opportunity to present their joint vision during the European Commission’s 2nd Annual Forum on the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
  • Venice Port Authority supports Scandria Berlin Declaration
    11-10-18.The Venice Port Authority emphasized the common interest in a corridor from Scandinavia to the Adriatic.
  • Green Demo Day in Gothenburg
    11-09-27 During the first Green Corridor Demo Day, organized by Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg, green transport solutions have been presented by a number of companies as well as several project partners of the Scandria project.
  • Norway plans highspeed rail connection from Oslo to Berlin via a tunnel from Southern Sweden to Stralsund
    11-10-07, The Norwegian transport expert Knut Halvorsen, CEO of Oslo Teknopol and associated partner of the Scandria project, promotes a highspeed link Oslo - Berlin.
  • Baltic and North Sea Region projects offer assistance to EC in developing the green transport network
    11-09-27 The three allied projects TransBaltic, East West Transport Corridor II and Scandria submitted a Letter of Intent to Director of the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport offering their support in furthering green transport networks.
  • Scandria supports Green Brenner Corridor
    11-09-12 During a Conference on 6-7 September 2011 in Trento/Italy, Horst Sauer from the Joint Spatial Planning Berlin-Brandenburg demanded a broad view compirising the Northern part of the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor in order to use full capacity of the development potential of the Brenner Base Tunnel.
  • EU allocates 1.4 million euros to North Adriatic Ports IT project
    11-09-19. At the European Union's call for project proposals in its co-financing of TEN-T links, NAPA has been granted 50% funding for its ITS Adriatic Multi-Port Gateway project.
  • Developing a Biogas Corridor for Road Transport Between Southern Scandinavia and Germany
    11-09-14. A Joint Scandria and EcoMobility tripple helix workshop.
  • Vice-president of European Commission answers to Scandria Berlin Declaration
    11-08-09. Kallas assures that positions of initiatives along the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor are taken into consideration.
  • Port of Rostock is gearing up for new Scandlines ferries
    11-05-08. Scandlines expects new vessels to be fit for service in spring 2012. Until then, the new ferry dock at Rostock Port is planned to be ready.
  • German Minister for transport assures support for Scandria positions
    11-08-09. In response to receiving the Scandria Berlin Declaration, Dr. Peter Ramsauer, German Minister of Transport assured his support of the Scandria positions in regard to the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor.
  • Deutsche Bahn starts construction work on the Fleckberg Tunnel
    11-07-13. With a symbolic blow near Katzhütte the construction of the tunnel along the new ICE line Erfurt - Nuremberg through the Thuringian Forest has been started.
  • Conference brochure
    11-07-20. The brochure documents the Conference "Metropolitan Futures - LIVING LEARNING CREATING MOVING" from 15th to 17th September 2010 in Berlin.
  • Wismar Sea Port optimized road hinterland connections
    11-07-08. To optimize the service offered in the Seehafen Wismar GmbH in the market segment project logistics, road hinterland connections were developed.
  • Methane corridor through Europe - a feasible step from diesel
    11-06-29. 39 participants representing transport procurers and providers, scienftific institutions, biogas producers, municipalities and consultants discussed the potential of a European methane transport corridor.
  • Oslo - Copenhagen in 2:20 h by 2025
    11-06-23. Oslo-Copenhagen in 2:20 h - this visionary outlook was given by representatives of COINCO-North at the project final conference 14-15 June in Oslo.
  • Scandria Newsletter No.3/June 2011, is available
    11-06-10. Read the latest Scandria Newsletter, giving you the latest news, insights into project work, further information on project partners as well as the most important events coming up in the next couple of months. This month's focus: Scandria at the transport logistic 2011 in Munich.
  • Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor in European Press 11-06-07
    11-06-09. Two articles have been published about Scandria in the latest issue of the Regional Policy magazine of the European Union, panorama no. 38.
  • Scandria Berlin Declaration submitted to European Commission and Parliament
    11-06-01. The Scandria Berlin Declaration has been submitted by Minister Vogelsänger and Senator Junge-Reiher and has been signed by the project partners.
  • EU Commission approves a further 21 million euro for the expansion of the railway line Rostock - Berlin
    11-5-19. The EU Commission has approved a further tranche of 21 million euro from the ERDF funds for the upgrading of the railway line Rostock - Berlin.
  • transport logistic 2011 in Munich: Politicians and Business Commit to the Baltic-Adriatic Development Corridor
    11-5-13. At transport logistic in Munich, the sector’s largest trade fair, numerous representatives from politics and business expressed their backing of the continued development of the transport corridor between the Baltic and the Adriatic.
  • Scandria publishes first project brochure
    11-05-11. Scandria has published the brochure „Modern Logistic Solutions – between Scandinavia, Central Europe and the Adriatic Sea“.
  • New freight train concepts for the Scandria corridor at Transport Logistics in Munich
    11-05-03. The Research Group Transport Logistics of the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Wildau will present innovative freight train concepts at the Transport Logistics fair in Munich.
  • Allies for the Scandinavian Adriatic Corridor at the Adriatic Sea
    11-04-29. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern's minister for transport, Volker Schlotmann, went to the Adriatic Sea to market the Scandinavian-Adriatic Transport Corridor.
  • Scandria Partners meet for Midterm Conference in Malmö
    During the mid-term conference on 4 and 5 April 2011 in Malmö, the Scandria Partners emphasized their committment to establish a green Baltic-Adriatic corridor in which transport can be operated in a smart and eco-friendly way. The conference was co-hosted by Region Skane and the Swedish Transport Administration.
  • HUB 53/12° to improve railway connections in the corridor
    The HUB 53/12° initiative to improve the connection between the harbours and the hinterland in the Scandria Corridor essentially focusses on the rail as means of transportation.
  • Green Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor in 2030!
    During the Scandria Green Corridor Workshop in Copenhagen, various options of greening the Corridor were discussed.
  • First Scandria Newsletter Released
    On September 14, Scandria released its first official newsletter.
  • Scandria participates in Transitects Workshop
    Core issures were the development of new train connections and intermodal nodes
  • Ferry Line Rostock-Gedser to become Baltic Sea Motorway
    In December 2010, the European Commission decided to include the ferry line Rostock - Gedser into the Motorways of the Sea Programme.
  • Scandria submits TEN-T position paper to European Commission
    On behalf of the Scandria project partners, the Scandria Lead Partner submitted a joint TEN-T position paper to the European Commission
  • Metropolitan Futures Conference in review
    Conference sets course for innovation and growth in the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor.
  • Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: Natural hub in the Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor
    New Brochure outlines the importance of ports within the corridor.
  • 2nd Branch Conference Logistic Industry
    In the course of the BalticFuture 2010, Scandria co-organized the 2nd logistics branch conference.
  • Study results: Scandria Corridor is environmentally friendly and efficient
    According to a Scandria study by the German Ministry for Transport, Building and Regional Development Mecklenburg Vorpommern, the Scandinavian-Adriatic-Corridor is green and efficient.
  • Scandria contributes to the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy
    Scandria was assigned strategic importance by emphasizing its contributions to the EU strategy for the Baltic Sea Region
  • Scandinavian-Adriatic Development Region presented in Committee of the Regions, Brussels
    Scandinavian-Adriatic Development Region presented in Committee of the Regions, Brussels
  • Scandria signs agreement to foster green transport solutions in the Baltic Sea Region
    The Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communication signed agreement with Scandria.
  • First SuperGreen workshop on green corridor development held in Helsinki
    Logistiscs service providers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders discussed the approach presented by the consortium.
  • Public Kick-off event of the European project TRANSITECTS
    TRANSITECTS aims at shifting transalpine freight traffic to rail.